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All about Appledore Wick - Appledore Wick

All about Appledore Wick

About Appledore Wick...

How it started

Appledore Wick was founded in February 2020, it started off with a candle making kit to make candles for friends and family as a hobby during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Having spent hundreds of pounds on candles which I was not entirely happy with over the years, it soon because apparent to me that this was going to turn into something more than just a hobby!

Starting off with different waxes, oils, suppliers, I took a plunge into the world of Chandlery. With so many options it was difficult to decide where to begin, did I want to go down the route of "Eco friendly"? Was Paraffin really as bad as everyone makes it out to be?


Moving forward with the business..

Having decided on a wax to use (a blend of Vegetable and Mineral) I chose my first 5 fragrances to start testing with and began my journey into creating my candles. The testing phase of the first 5 fragrances took a lot longer than anticipated! With hundreds of different wick sizes, wick manufactures and places to buy them, it seemed a minefield in what would work best for us. 


Getting it right..

After months of testing wicks, oils and combinations of the both, we managed to successfully wick our first candle. In terms of what makes a candle "successful" it needed, in my eyes, to tick off certain points;

  • The flame needed to match a certain height
  • The burn rate (grams per hour) needed to be in line with what I expected
  • The flame needed to be steady and safe
  • The hot throw (a term used to determine the "reach" of the scent from a burning candle) needed to match my expectations

Once I was happy with this, the same combination was used over and over in a testing phase to ensure this combination worked on a consistent basis. 


Moving on to other fragrances..

A common myth is that one wick will work for all fragrances, this is not the case. in fact, it is usually the opposite! With different oils being different densities, a wick that works well in one is very unlikely to work well in another. With new scents, it is vital that the testing phase is started fresh and a combination is matched that safely ticks off the points above. 


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